Natural Remedies for Weight Loss | Reduce Weight at Home
Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

Natural remedies For Weight loss – Are you trying to cut some inches from your body?  So, why don’t you follow natural remedies for weight loss? There has been an immense craze among youth for following the model physique. Therefore, here we will let you know the top natural remedies for losing weight.

Everyone is in the race of dieting. Many people fix their diet plans in order to stay fit and healthy. The craze for the gym also is rising day by day. Even in a time of lockdown too, you must have come across a lot of the bicycle riders. Can you figure out the reason for the same? The reason is very obvious that people want to stay fit, As gyms were boarded closed and in order to lose weight and stay fit, people started cycling.

Is it possible to lose weight without dieting?

 A pretty “Yes” is only what this query deserves!

Dieting is not the only way of losing weight. Even it’s not even healthy too to practice it. Because as unplanned dieting can lead to weakness and thus attracting a lot of diseases. Being an overweight individual your main motive must be losing weight but it’s essential to take care of the nutrient value that your diet is haring with your body. But there is nothing to worry, you can also lose weight by opting some natural remedies.

Let us fall the light of our torches on them one by one.

Yoghurt is must

Yogurt can be termed as “Permanent resident of Indian kitchen”. Yogurt is best at the growth of the gut bacteria that regulate the process of digestion. The benefit of yogurt is that it does not add to the calories and keep the hunger satisfied.

Whole grain foods

Being a staple food of India, Grains can be beneficial if consumed in whole form. As refined grains e.g. refined flour, they just add calories leading to increase in weight. Hence whole grains are best as they contain enough carbohydrates and fibers. For proper digestion and regulation of bowel system. And for the same reason brown rice is also a good choice.

Raw vegetables

Vegetables in raw state provides more benefits. Raw vegetables being a great source of fiber helps in improving the digestion and can work wonders. Proper digestion is very important for losing weight and breakdown of fat. Some of the vegetables that can be consumed in raw state are tomato, carrots, spinach, and lettuce.

Chew raw Garlic

Recognized for its antiseptic properties, Garlic cloves if consumed in quantity of two or more every morning helps in losing the weight. Do not forget to brush your teeth just after brushing as otherwise your mouth will become a house of bad odour of garlic and can stay in your house for whole day.

Cinnamon and honey infused tea

Cinnamon most common ingredient of Indian dishes and works best for the weight loss as well. It helps in curbing the sugar cravings and hence regulating the insulin level in the blood. It must be consumed on an empty stomach each morning in form of tea. For tea, you need to take lukewarm water and add two sticks of cinnamon and then infuse honey into it. Stir the mixture well to get it mixed and now strain the mixture. This will work wonders in case you want to lose weight.

Some seeds for losing weight

Fenugreek seeds, carom seeds, and cumin seeds have works great for fat loss. Fenugreek seeds help in fat loss by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. Similarly carom and cumin seeds also helps in weight reduction.

Lemon water with honey

One of the oldest and the best remedy for the weight loss is lemon water combined with honey. Honey being known for its medicinal properties and lemon being famous for detoxing the digestive systems can play an imperative role in weight loss. Hence it is advisable to take two tablespoons of honey mixed in the lemon water each morning for weight loss. It takes only a few weeks to manifest benefits.

That’s all are the natural remedies that can be used for losing weight.

Some Other Natural Ways to Get the Best Shape

Apart from this a change in your daily habits can also make a great contribution towards weight loss.

Say no to artificial sugars: Artificial sugars must be avoided as they bring a lot of calorie content to your body hence increasing your weight. Go for natural sugar eatables such as vegetables and fruits which contain natural sugars. “Restrict yourself to natural sugars”– Avoid eatables like sweet candy’s, ice-creams, aerated drinks etc.

Staying hydrated: It is must for losing weight as more you will stay hydrated. “If you are obese, drink more water please”, drink as much water as you can. You can calculate the amount of water you should drink according to your weight by dividing your weight by 30 and adding litres suffix to the result.

A sound sleep: It is also one of the main habits affecting the weight. An eight hour healthy sleep is must for maintaining a proper weight.


The last tip, for the time being, eats often but eat less. Never practice overeating as it will lead to the addition of an extra amount of fat to your body hence making you obese.

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