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Our story

The journey leading to the inception of DailyTabTM started in 1994. Lifecare Remedies was founded by a young Healthcare Marketing Professional who was enthusiastic and determined to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices to everyone. His quest for providing the best possible medication and nutrition in convenient & quality packaging lead the company to gain new heights. Through his vision the company expanded and diversified into domestic and international operations in 2004 and a limited entity was formed. It was renamed Lifecare Neuro Products Ltd., which became a world-class manufacturing unit with state-of-the-art testing facilities in Himachal Pradesh, India. For more than 26 years now the company has strived to make the best quality nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulations through rigorous F&D. The company’s B2B segment now serves over 1500 clients pan India and in 10+ countries. The pursuit of delivering a world-class nutraceutical range, backed by scientific evidence and newly-researched novel formulations, is sincerely and vigorously on…

Our Commitment

Relying on general food may not be enough to give all those hard-working organs all the fuel that they ideally need. Fortunately, Science and Research in the field of Nutrition and Healthcare have advanced tremendously to offer potential supplements to the body to protect and make up for what it lacks. DailyTab Gold is a proven immune booster that is not only safe for use but also fulfils most of the daily requirements of the body. Our commitment is to bring the most effective andpotent ingredients from around the world in the form of convenient nutrition at affordable prices, thus enabling everyone to live healthier and better lives. We will continue to work passionately towards our commitment to –  Nurture a Better youTM

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