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5 Mistakes You Unknowingly Make That Hamper Your Immune System

Taking care of your body’s health and immunity is essential to avoid that seasonal flu or occasional fever. You maybe subconsciously take little steps everyday to keep your immunity strong as you don’t take your body for granted. Still, unknowingly you may be hampering the efficiency of your natural defence mechanism without any intention. We have summarised below some of the most common habits people typically end up having that compromise on the optimum functioning of the immune system.


Regular exercise for 20-30 minutes a day helps in boosting the immune cell production and its regulation. However, a sedentary lifestyle may increase your chances of getting obese or getting diabetes and heart problems. [1] On the other hand, did you know that pushing your body over its physical limit may actually temporarily decrease your immune function? Rigorous exercise leads
to increased hormonal activity in the body through the secretion of adrenaline, cortisol and testosterone that block some of the immune system pathways. [2]


You may not realise but maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm is important for maintaining regular life processes within the body. “Sleep time”
is a wonderful gap for your immune cells to quickly repair, regenerate and recoup. [3] So give your body that window for the necessary patch work.


Yes. Any stress in the body has a direct impact on the immune system. Mental, emotional or even physical stress can hamper the regenerating ability of our immune system to fight infections. [4] So take care of your brain by staying happy, stress- and depression-free. Engage frequently in playing, doing yoga or any other activity that rejuvenates your mind and body.


This may come as a surprise to you but taking more precautions than necessary to steer clear of infections may actually dampen your immunity.
Although maintaining a good hygiene does prevent us from getting ill but depriving the body to exposure of natural microbes in the environment may do more harm than good. This may limit your body’s capability to fight against a range of pathogens. [5] So loosen that strict code and help your immune system get better and more ready.


You may not always notice it but getting into that air-conditioned car from the heat or going for a jog in that warm weather before entering freezing indoors may be impacting your immunity. Frequent and sudden temperature changes may confuse your body and cause physiological changes that do no promote a strong immune system making you more susceptible to catching that flu. [6] Apart from these eye-openers, it is never too bad to remind ourselves of the harmful habits we already know that create havoc in the body. So cut down on your alcohol consumption, smoking and caffeine intake. Drink enough water to flush out extra toxins and eat healthy. Be responsible. Be stronger. For a robust natural immune system. Nurture a better you!


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