Foods To Boost Immunity In Adults | How To Boost Immunity In Adults
Foods To Boost Immunity In Adults

Foods To Boost Immunity In Adults

Foods to boost immunity in adults – Immunity is a topic of tension nowadays! In these times of covid-19, it is very important to keep the immunity-boosting. It’s your immunity that saves you from various diseases. “Better immunity, better health”, this statement holds true as it’s our immunity that helps us in fighting and standing out various diseases. Here, we will let you know about the best foods to boost immunity in adults.

 If your immunity will be better then surely will be your health. Many people are making efforts for boosting their immunity levels. Some take medicine whereas some prefer home remedies. And even it is good too to maintain your immunity levels. Especially in kids , old aged and people already on treatment it is a lot necessary to boost the immunity levels. As these people have low immunity levels and are at verge of chronic diseases. Children should also make continuous efforts to boost their  immunities. There has been a hustle between the people to boost their immunity levels. The trend has increased due to pandemic situation. People are trying out different herbacious waters, syrups , medicines in for treating low immunity.

Can immunity be boosted by foods?

You can plan your meal in a way that it can help you in boosting the immunity system. Different foods can also help in boosting immunity levels. Let us showcase them one by one.

  • Citrus fruits: Have you ever seen your mom running straight to vitamin C whenever she experiences cold. Its because vitamin C is a great immunity booster. Not only this they are also known as building blocks of white blood cells which helps in fighting infection. Being rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits serve best for the purpose. Grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes are some of the citrus that you can go for boosting your immunity up! You can also squeeze lemon over various foods.
  • Red bell peppers: Red bell peppers are three times richer in vitamin C content than citrus fruits. Not only boosting immunity vitamin C also helps in having betterment of skin.
  • Broccoli: Being the rich house of vitamins and minerals also packed with goodness of vitamin A, C, E , fibers and antioxidants it can be starred as queen of your plate. Consumed it in a less cooked state to avail its benefits.
  • Garlic: Found in almost every Indian kitchen, garlic is one of the best ingredients helping in fighting infections and boosting the immunity. It also helps in lower blood pressure.
  • Ginger: Have you ever turned for ginger in throat pain or cold? Yes, because ginger is magical in treating Infections as well as boosting the immunity. It also helps in treating chronic diseases and maintaining the cholesterol levels.
  • Spinach: Spinach being rich in vitamin C and having anti-oxidant properties prepares body to fight against various infections. Spinach should also be cooked less in order to avail full benefits.
  • Yogurt : Yogurt helps in improving the immunity power of your body. Plain yogurt can serve better for your needs to cherish your immunity levels. Yogurt is also rich in vitamin D.
  • Almonds:  Being known for enhancing the remembrance power, almonds being rich in vitamin e and antioxidant properties helps in fighting various infections and having a healthy immune system. It is advisable for adults to take atleast 15 grams of almonds each day.
  •  Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds contains vitamin E which is best at maintaining the healthy immunity systems in our body. Also sunflower seeds are rich in various nutrients which makes it more beneficial for the body.
  • Turmeric: “Grandma’s all time medicine”. Turmeric has been used since ages as medicinal spice.  Turmeric is known well for its anti-inflammatory properties. Not only this it is one of the best servers of immunity level booster.
  • Green tea: Green tea –a well known antioxidant , helping in enhancing the immune system. Green tea contains amino acids that helps in producing germ- fighting compounds.
  • Papaya: Being rich in vitamin C, papaya is also one of the best fruit that helps in boosting the immunity level.
  • Kiwi: Kiwi’s are good source of vitamin K and C and hence, has a big hand in proper functioning of body.

These are some of the foods that one can go for in order to boost their immunity. Never go for immunity supplements without concerning a doctor before as it can have detrimental effects on your health.


“Stay immuned, stay safe”, in these times of pandemic it is very appropriate to say as if you are immuned well than you are also safe. Make continuous efforts for keeping yourself immuned. Drink lemon water once in a day to build your capacity to fight infections. Be specific with what you eat!  Eat something that supports your body not the taste of your tongue!

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