How To Boost Immunity In Kids | Tips To Boost Immunity In Kids
How To Boost Immunity In Kids

How To Boost Immunity In Kids

How to boost immunity in kids – ‘The race to stay immuned is continued’ Starting from the youngest to the oldest person. Everyone nowadays is in the race of boosting their immunity levels. We all know that old people and children have very low immunity levels. Hence there is a need for them to boost their immunity levels. There are many ways of boosting immunity in kids. We must continuously make efforts for boosting immunity in these times of pandemic. Opting for different methods of boosting the immunity levels we must ensure that our body must not face any side effects related to that. It is well said that “Goodness is not the only outcome of good things”

How To Boost Immunity In Kids

Hence it is imperative to jot down that even things known for its benefit sometimes can’t be beneficial. Everything has its own pros and cons. Now the main question being – “How can we boost the immunity in kids?”

Top Tips to Boost Immunity in Kids

 Make fruit and vegetables your friend: Carotenoids is the main phytonutrient that helps in boosting the immunity. Vegetables and fruits like carrots, green beans, strawberries and oranges are rich in carotenoids, hence help in boosting the immunity. Phytonutrients helps in flushing our body with the white blood cells (WBC’s ) and the main function of which is to coat the cell’s surface and blocking the viruses to enter the body. Even the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases can also be avoided. “Pamper yourself with fruits, in order to keep yourself immuned”, Serve your child with the 5 servings of veggies and fruits every day.

  • Boosting time of sleep: Sleep deprivation can make you more prone to the illness by reducing natural killer cells and immune system weapons that attacks the microbes and the cancerous cells. Same is the case with kids too. Now the question mark stands on- “How much sleep do kids need?”  A sound sleep of 16 hours is must for an infant and in cases of toddlers its 11 to 14 hours, whereas preschoolers need 10 to 13 hours. Hence “Put your child earlier to bed, if your child can’t take naps during the day”.
  • Breast feeding: Being turbo-charged with immunity enhancing antibodies and white blood cells, the breast milk is one of the best things for boosting the immunity in the children. It also protect child from risk of chronic diseases and will enhance the brain power of your baby. Just after few days of birth, a thin yellow milk known as “pre-milk” is rich in disease fighting antibodies. Hence it is recommended to give your baby 6 months breast feed.
  • Practicing exercise: The best thing about exercise is it increases natural killer cells in adults. And exercising can benefit the children in the same way. “Don’t confuse exercise with playing”, as what exercising contributes playing does not. Hence indulge in exercising sessions with your child instead of pushing them out for playing. That’s much safer too in the times of pandemic. Fun family activities like bike riding, skating, and basketball must be encouraged.
  • Preventing spread of germs: Germ prevention cannot boost immunity but it can reduce the stress on immune system of the child. Develop the habit of frequent hand washing in kids. Disposable wipes can work better when you are out. Their hygiene is must to keep a check on after meals, before meals, after playing, etc. Hand washing habit in kids can be encouraged by keeping bright towels and fun shaped perfumed soaps to attract them.
  •  Banishing smoking: Smoking is a process containing many harmful chemicals. This can affect your child in a very harmful way. Chemicals of smoking can kill the cells. Kids are at great risk of second hand smoke as their breathing rate is faster and detoxification system in child is also developed poorly.
  • Avoiding antibiotics: As viruses is the root cause of illness in the children, antibiotics helps in curing the bacterial diseases. Don’t opt for antibiotics as they can have severe side effects on the child’s body.

“Better immunity, Better lifestyle”, If your body is well immuned then you can fit into any lifestyle easily. It is advised to eat healthy too for better immune system and avoid less calorie and fat rich items. Children should avoid various immunity supplements available in market. Its best for them to go for the natural ways to immune themselves.


“Have some oranges, feel how your immunity level increases”  as it is said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” in the same way we must read it as “An orange a day keeps the immunity boosted whole day”. Hence make a regular check on the immunity of your child. “Say good morning with the exercises”,  practice as much exercises as you can!

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