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How to Boost Immunity In Toddlers

How to Boost Immunity In Toddlers

How to Boost Immunity In Toddlers – Immunity has been a matter of concern nowadays. This is because the pandemic prevails in the country. Everyone is in the race of gaining good immunity levels. Now the grown-ups can maintain immunity by themselves but what boosts immunity about toddlers- How to boost immunity in toddlers?

How to Boost Immunity In Toddlers

Well for the young and the grown-ups there are a lot of ways of boosting immunity. They can either take the immunity-boosting supplements or follow the natural ways or homemade remedies to boost the energy levels. We can also boost the immunity in the toddlers let us explore how?

Why boosting immunity is imperative?

Boosting immunity is a lot necessary as the healthy immune system creates a barrier for stopping the invaders, or antigens, from entering the body and hence protecting us. These foreign substances are also attacked and destroyed by the white types of blood cells and other chemicals and proteins that an immune system produces. 

Hence it is a lot necessary to maintain a healthy immune system and to keep a check on the immunity levels from time to time as it will protect you in fighting against viruses and infections.

How to Boost Immunity In Toddlers?

Here are some of the tips by which you can boost immunity in toddlers. Some of the tips are:

Feed with more Fruits And Vegetables 

Fruits and Vegetables such as carrots, green beans, oranges, and strawberries are rich in carotenoids which are the best phytonutrients that help in boosting immunity. The main work of these phytonutrients is to boost the white blood cells’ production that helps in fighting infections. 

Not only this it blocks out viruses as well. Good immunity also helps in protection against chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Hence it will be best to give your child enough veggies and fruits in a day. 

Boost sleep time 

Natural killer cells are also reduced by sleep deprivation and hence prone you to the illness. Immune systems in short are the weapons to defeat microbes and cancer cells. Hence its must for your child to sleep for enough hours. The adequate sleep hours for which an infant must sleep is 16 hours whereas a toddler must sleep for 11 to 14 hours and the preschoolers it’s 10- 13 hours. Also if your child does not take nap in a day try to take him to bed early. 

Breastfeeding your baby 

Breast milk helps in enhancing the antibodies and white blood cells. Breast milk is rich in turbo-charged immunity antibodies and guards the child against infections, allergies, diarrhea, Urinary tract infections, etc. It also helps in enhancing the brainpower of the baby and prevent the risk of cancer in later life. The premilk which is thin yellow that comes from the breast just during the first few days of birth is rich in antibodies. Hence you must breastfeed your child for 6 months.  

Do exercise as a family routine 

Exercise also helps in increasing the natural killer cells and can also benefit the kids as well in the same way. Hence be the role model of your child to drag him into the fitness habits. Go outside and play with them and urge them to go out and involve themselves in physical activities. Also, activities like bike riding, hiking, inline skating, basketball help in gaining fun as well as fitness. 

Prevent the germ spread

Germ fighting is not about boosting the immune system. Hence to help your child to gain a good immunity system try reducing the stress. Try maintaining the proper hygiene and make your kids wash the hands with soap. Also keep an eye when your kid returns after playing outside, handling pets, blowing their nose, ask them to wash their hand immediately to keep the germs away. To encourage the kids to wash hands keep the bright towels and the good fragrance hand wash and soaps with attractive shapes. 

Avoid smoking

Smoke containing 7000 chemicals can kill the cells in the body hence you must prevent smoking around your child to help him in developing a good immunity system. If you cannot avoid smoking completely then you can do it outside your home for the sake of your child’s immunity. 


Hence these are the tips that can help you in boosting the immunity of your little toddler. Also if your child gets sick frequently then throw the brush away. Hence keep a check on your child’s health. Stay immune, stay healthy!

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