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Why taking DailyTabTM Gold everyday can be a boon for Cardiac, Neuro & Diabetic Patients.

It can be a real turmoil within when your wellbeing gets neglected. Do your routine chores and important tasks sap up most of your time and energy? When your daily schedule doesn’t fit in room for a lot of movement, ideal nutrition and fulfilling the needs of vital organs, you are constantly reminded of that last doctor visit when you promised yourself you will strive to get back into a better shape. Well, we are here to make things easier for you. Don’t let the guilt stop you from believing you can. The power for change is right in front of you.

DailyTab Gold Immunobooster now comes in a unique variant packed with 29 special ingredients. It has been especially crafted to suit the nutritional demands of people suffering from cardiac, neuro or even diabetic conditions. Start your day with this special formula that definitely ensures a healthier you.

Key components in the powerful DailyTab blend specifically target such ailments. Know why.

This naturally-occurring molecule has been incorporated in the powerful DailyTab combination because of its versatile biological and pharmacological therapeutic effects. Its anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular-protective, anti-obesity and diabetes alleviating effects make it ideal for fighting off such disorders. [1,2]

ALA is a natural antioxidant that has been found to be very helpful in tackling neurological and psychiatric conditions. [3] Taking care of your mental health is very important and this molecule helps in keeping your brain healthy.

This powerful carotenoid has been proven to be a “magic molecule” over the years. It has ameliorating effects on the muscles, skin and inflammation in the body and has even shown anti-cancer properties. [4] It has
proven to be effective in neuro and diabetic conditions. [5]

You can make a huge difference in improving your health by taking a small step. Start your DailyTab routine and see the difference.

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